Wild Experience at the Wild Goose Restaurant

Wild Goose Restaurant

1505 West Main

Grafton, IL

(618) 786-8888


By Lynn

Restaurant Review

What an experience this place was! This is about the only restaurant in town that we know of that serves breakfast.  It was recommended by the waitress at Aerie’s Winery. It was located along the main street on the outskirts of Grafton, IL along the river so it had a beautiful view.  It was built on stilts but handicap accessible. When we walked in we were unsure if we needed to seat ourselves when we heard a yell from the back to have a seat anywhere. OK, so which dirty table do we sit at? We chose a table that sat six people for the two of us since that is the majority that they offered. We asked the waitress to please clean off our table which she continued to clean our two spots on the table. The people at the two tables next to us that came in after us had to push all the dirty stuff on their table to one side to find a clean spot as well. They were busy but not overwhelming busy. The food was your typical eggs, bacon, sausage, and hashbrowns and ranged in price under $8 per plate. It was average tasting. When the waitress served our food she immediately put the bill down.  I guess at that point she was done with us. The bill was not even totaled plus we were charged $.25 for a glass of water. When we paid the bill we asked for a receipt so they tore the bottom of the receipt off with nothing wrote on it. My receipt was a ½ inch by 3” copy of nothing. Hmmm.  What do I do with this? Despite all the circumstances we did still have the view of the Mississippi River.

Service & Overall experience: 1 fork

Food & Pricing: 3 forks


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