Ruebel on Main Reminds me of a Saloon from the 1920's

Ruebel on Main

Hotel & Restaurant

217 East Main

Grafton, IL


Restaurant Hours
Monday – Closed
Tuesday thru Friday – 4pm – 8pm
Saturday 11am – 9pm

Sunday 8am – 10am Breakfast
11am – 4pm Lunch
4pm – 8pm Dinner

Downtown Grafton from in front of Ruebel on Main

Restaurant Review

By Lynn


The location of Ruebel’s is right along the main street in town so people are walking by all the time.  Great location. The front of the building was so appealing that we felt we had to try it out. The interior was redone beautifully keeping with the old.  It looked like a high-end saloon from back in the 1920’s. There is a hotel attached to it that seemed to have a very nice entry as well. When we arrived at Reubel’s on a Saturday around opening time they must had got overwhelmed with about 14 to 16 people at once. The manager was a little distraught and was talking loudly to the employees about not seating anyone else inside or out until they catch up. She was turning people away at the door and we felt it wasn’t that busy. It might have been for them. The waiter was the manager’s son who was very courteous to us.  He informed us of a little delay, served us drinks, and came back just the right amount of times to not overwhelm us. We ordered the special of the day which was buffalo chicken. My husband enjoyed it as a sandwich and I ordered it with no bread being on a gluten free diet. He really enjoyed the flavor because it was pretty spicy.  The bread helped tone down the spiciness.  My serving was a little overwhelming with no bread.  I had to keep drinking my soda to cool my palette but it was juicy and the flavor was really good. The fries were seasoned nicely and crisp. Serving sizes were perfect as well as the garden salad I had.

They offered alcoholic drinks from the bar as well as your standard beverages. There was some outdoor seating that overlooked the river. Our experience at Ruebel’s was a good one and as long as the manager maintains her employees and issues out of sight of customers we will certainly go back.

Food & Service: 4 forks

Manager: 2 forks


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