From Southern, IL

Coming from a background in art, Lynn never thought she would end up in the wine business.  But wine and art go hand and hand in her business in Southern, IL where it is an experience in coffee, wine and art.  A passion for wine is what ended up happening after working for two wineries and a wine tasting company before she opened her own wine bar & coffee shop, which displays and sells local artisans work.  “I do not claim to be a wine expert by no means, but I know I love the passion of the winemakers that goes into making their new wine creations and how devoted they are to it.  It is much like an artist painting a canvas.  With every move they make, it could make or break a painting.”  She has the same amount of passion for wine as she does for art.  So you may see some of her newest works on this blog!

Her reviews on wine are based on her experience and love of visiting wineries and trying so many different wines throughout the past 10 years that she wanted to share her thoughts with all of you.




From Southern, IL

I was born and raised in Southern Illinois.  I have a passion for helping others, having fun, meeting new people and enjoying the family and friends I have been blessed with.  I’ve been visiting wineries in my region for several years and found that doing so fulfills my passions. My friend Lynn & I want to expose others to the wineries that we discover.  When I encounter someone who says, “I don’t like wine, ” my reply is, “you haven’t found the right ones yet!”  To do so you must seek till you find, that’s my motto!  I started out as a sweet wine drinker.  After graduating from the Strawberry Hill days I stepped up to the champagnes & anything sweet and bubbly in my early twenties.  Over the years my pallet has changed, or matured.  My favorite current wines are semi sweet and semi dry mostly because I like it chilled and that crisp fresh taste.  Although on a cool day or night or with the right meal or chocolate I enjoy a good glass of merlot, pinot grigio.  So, to sum it up I’m more like the kid from the 1980’s famous cereal who liked anything, I’m always up to tasting something new, and always go in with an open mind. Don’t count anything out, everyone’s judgment of sweet and dry is different, so try it if you don’t like it that’s what the dump jar is for.

I’ve spoken with wine makers across my region and had the privilege to tour different facilities & see first hand the craft of wine making.  Alot of work goes into that  bottle of wine that most midwest wineries retail for less than $20.00. I’ll leave that work for the experts and I will stay a midwest gal who enjoys the fruits of our winemakers labor!  Like the old saying goes “Life is about the journey not the destination.”  So, I hope you enjoy our journey and I invite you to come out and experience them for yourself!


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