Piasa Winery & Pub – a laid back way of life!

Piasa Winery & Pub

225 West Main St

Grafton, IL



Saw a paddleboat heading down the river while at Piasa Winery & Pub

Chrissy’s Grapes:

Arrival : Well this was the last stop for the day for the Midwest Winery Gals.  We really enjoyed our travel to Grafton. There’s so much going on when you drive the beautiful quaint town of Grafton that if you aren’t paying attention Piasa Winery & Pub can get mixed in the shuffle, but you need to be looking for this one!!  I had heard Piasa was the first winery in this location and I felt it was important to find it and check it out!! It was well worth the stop.  It sits on the corner and is a small older building that if the walls could talk I bet would have some great stories to tell.  I had to stop for a photo outside just because of curb appeal and it being a fun thing to do.  As you enter it feels like the old time local pub.  A bar, signage all over the walls and some people even stopped to look at who’s walking in.  If you walk beyond that you’ll come to a small tasting bar and seating, then onto the back patio.  Of course our first stop the tasting bar.

Food, Seating & More: They serve up more than just bar food.  You can get different chicken sandwiches, BBQ Pork, Portabella sandwich to blackened catfish. Your seating options are in a small cozy area by the bar or outside on the upper or lower deck.  There was a separate deck that they had a bridal shower at, so definitely room for small private events as well. Live music was provided on that Sunday afternoon. Great atmosphere! You can look onto the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers from almost any seat in or out of the house.

Staff & Tasting:  Tastings were free and you could try their Piasa Wines as well as the large selection of wines from all over the country.  The bartender we had was very pleasant and knowledgeable..

Chrissy’s Crushes: the history
Chrissy’s Score: Two GRAPES!!

Piasa Winery & Pub entry

Lynn’s Wins:

I remember going to Grafton a long time ago and I believe they were located in the stone building next to them that is occupied by Two Rivers Winery now. Not sure why the change but I think they were close to the first winery around this area. I did notice a trend around Grafton and that seems to be a laid back way of life. I felt relaxed the whole weekend here sitting back with a glass of wine, looking at a great view of the river, and seeing all the people walking the streets and laughing and having a good time! We even saw some hula hoopers!

Piasa’s wines were made in nearby Godfrey but are now made at Villa Marie Winery in Maryville. They do have about 15 Piasa wines to choose from but they also have wines from around the world. They also had over 100 different beers to choose from on draft, bottles, and cans.

Wine tastings were complimentary at Piasa.  The server was fun and new the wines well. So being that it was towards the end of a long day I only tried a couple.

They were:

Piasa Norton – $19.95 bottle

Their Nortonis a native varietal wine. It is a wine grape that dates back to Thomas Jefferson at Montecello.  Of course it tastes much better now than 200 years ago. Their Norton was spicy with hints of black cherry, somewhat oaky.  It needs to be paired with a great juicy steak!

Piasa Chambourcin  – $17.95 bottle

It was lighter than the Norton but still dry, buttery like almost creamy, yummy!

Piasa Riverfest –$15.95 bottle

A white, crisp, light, tart but smooth, fruity, almost like a Riesling. Not overly sweet. Refreshing!

They also carried about 12 other Piasa wines and many others like Tomasello’s Broomstick Brew and Vampire for the season.

Lynn’s wins: Piasa Riverfest – 4 Glasses – Goes great on a warm evening sitting behind Piasa overlooking the river.


Grafton Winery & Brewhaus, enjoyed by wine & beer drinkers alike

Grafton Winery & Brewhaus

300 West Main

Grafton, IL 62037

618- 786-3001



M-TH | 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.
F & S | 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.
Sunday | 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

F & S | 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Sunday | 12 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Inside of Grafton Winery overlooking rivers

Chrissy’s Grapes:


Grafton Winery is very easy to find. It’s on the main road that travels thru Grafton and the building is marked with large lettering. It’s a rather modern looking building and as we pulled into the parking lot we had a sense of fun and good times here. People were sitting on the roof top it appeared and music could faintly be heard.


On the main level with the brewery was a good size gift shop which you will find something for everyone in there, especially if they are remotely a wine enthusiast.  I found all sorts of kitchen decor, tshirts, handbags and well let me say this, my Christmas list is started.
Then up to the winery. There is a flight of stairs to go up or you can take the ramp located in the back of the brewery. As you enter that sense of fun and good times is confirmed. It’s very spacious. A large bar for wine tastings, to order food, or to purchase wine is easily accessible. The food is mostly like bar style food, but tasty, did I mention billy goat potato chips??? ha ha.  There was seating all around, it can be sectioned off and rented out for special occasions as well. Beyond all the seating on two opposite ends you can walk out of the clear garage doors onto good size decks that over look the parking lot, the main road thru Grafton and on to the Mississippi & Illinois Rivers.  A beautiful view as well as good times.  They have large televisions so you can stay in the know of your favorite show or sporting event. They had a very good band playing and when they were on break, light background music was playing. If you were simply there to chat you would want to grab a seat on the patio farthest away from the band.
If you wanted to have a special occasion here, I noticed in the gift shop you can have personalized wine bottle labels made. They offer so many unique and fun services. If you end up having to much fun there are near-by places to lodge that are within walking distance, that is if you can walk after having to much fun.. ha ha..

They have a brewery where they are currently brewing their own beer with quite a variety of flavors. The brewery, located on the lower level, has plenty of seating to meet up with your friends for a night out, a small gathering or party, or just grab a seat at the bar. The bathroom is handy and clean!!  You can enjoy a 16oz draft pint of their home brewed beer for only $5.00 ranging from Pilsner, Hefeweizen, Nut Brown, to Colaweizen and more…  If you’re not feeling adventurous they have a nice variety of domestic beers as well.  They seemed interested in getting the guest input on the drafts so try them out!!

And I can’t forget my most favorite part of it:  Billy Goat Potato Chips, did i mention YUM!! With or without a beer they are fabulous, lots of flavor and texture… Once I was hooked on those, they introduced me to the spicy ones, which normally I can’t do spicy, but I tried them and my love affair with them was made. The flavor was wonderful. I’m not normally a potato chip person but I bought a large bag of each to take home. This is of course after eating one each of their small cute bags… The billy goat potato chips are made just across the river in St. Louis. They offered other food as well like hamburgers and other bar food.

The Wines

By Lynn

At Grafton Winery they blend juices to make their wine. By doing this they have more options to choose from like Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Gris, and Chardonnay that we can’t normally grow in our region.  They offer about 15 wines with some being seasonal.

Tastings cost: 6 Free, 1/2 oz. tastings

Deposit on glass: $3 (if returned your deposit is returned)

Cost of wine by glass: Mostly $6, Cabernet $7

Cost of wine by bottle: $14.05 to $23.31

The ones I tried include: ( Rating scale is based on 1 to 5 glasses with 5 being best)

Chardonnay – Very crisp & citrusy, lightly oaked, nice. It had won a Bronze Medal in 2011 in the New York Fingerlakes Wine Competition.  Rating: 3 glasses

Harbor White – A blend of Muscat, Vignoles, Seyval, & Vidal. Semi-dry, crisp white wine that goes well with many foods and for any time of year.  2 glasses

Harbor Red – A medium bodied, light berry colored well balanced blend of Cabernet, Red Zinfandel, and Syrah was delicious. It is the winner of the Bronze Medal 2011, F.I.W.C. Rating: 4 glasses

Cabernet Sauvignon – Ruby colored, smells of leather, buttery. Aged in French American oak barrels and would go great with chocolate. 3 glasses

Riverbend Red – A blend of grapes, strawberry colored, sweet, light bodied, concord grape flavors. 2 glasses

Apple Crisp – Clear, heavy bodied, crisp, apple all over, delicious.  Winner of a Silver medal in 2010 from the IL. State Fair & the 2010 Finger Lakes Wine Competition. 4 glasses

They also carry a Pinot Gris, a blush, blackberry, a red blend, four seasonal fruit wines, and a raspberry/chocolate dessert wine.

Lynn’s Wins – Harbor Red & Apple Crisp

Chrissy chose to drink the semi sweet, Harbor White, even though it wasn’t on the wine selection list. She took a bottle of the Autumnberry wine home which is one of their four seasonal wines. She says she is going to have to go back each season for the other seasonal ones. Autumberry is a raspberry flavor wine, which she normally thinks is gut-aching sweet, but this one was not, a perfect blend for fall. She gives them 3.5 grapes overall!!

The Midwest Winery Gals enjoyed our visit to Grafton Winery and will certainly be back again.

Saw a Pirate Ship while at Two Rivers Winery

Two Rivers Winery

211 West Main Street

Grafton, IL

(618) 786 – 3934



View from back of winery

By Lynn

Building & Location

The winery is a quaint, rock, old historic building, circa 1840,  nicely redone with a small bar for tasting.  It is located directly on Main Street in the middle of downtown Grafton. Easy find! Most of the seating was outside and plentiful on their decks which overlook where the beautiful Illinois & Mississippi Rivers converge. It was the most perfect day to sit outside and listen to the one man band play oldies and some blues music while watching the boats and barges go down the river.  We even saw what looked like a pirate ship.  Not quite sure what that was.

Food & Beverages

Two Rivers offers light foods like cheese and sausage as well as pizzas. They feature wines from Hopewell Winery in Rockport, Illinois and Villa Marie Winery in Maryville, Illinois but also carry other Illinois and Missouri wines. If you can’t find a local one that you like then try the different wines from around the world. For beer lovers, Two Rivers Winery carries several brands of beer, domestic and micro-brews. A little for everyone!

The owners do not make their own wines yet but after talking with the owner they plan to have an existing Illinois winery help them make wine to label with Two Rivers Winery by next year.

I enjoyed a glass of:

Villa Marie Archview White which is a local wine from Maryville, IL.  It was a semi-dry white with fruit like peach, apple, and pineapple.  It was nice, crisp and a little tart. I tried other national wines but went back to this one.

The workers were very kind and informative when we were doing the tastings. The view was wonderful. Enjoyed the evening at Two Rivers Winery and will certainly go back especially when they get their own wines.

Lynn’s Wins:  Villa Marie Archview White: 3 glasses

Service & Atmosphere:  4 glasses